About Emerald Phog

We are a group of local patients dedicated to providing the purest and highest quality medicinal marijuana possible through a professional and safe delivery process. Our trained Mobile Budtenders are fully versed in all strains of Flower, dosages of all Edibles, as well as the Concentrates. All Flower is grown “clean”, with no pesticides or solvents. We offer a variety of sweet and savory Edibles that are Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free, Low Glycemic and/or Sugar Free. All Edibles are from well-known, trusted names in the California Cannabis Community, such as Kiva and Auntie Dolores. All Concentrates are butane and solvent free, and processed with CO2.

Our Mobile Budtenders will work with you to find the best, or combination of medicines to meet your needs, whether you are a new or a returning patient. In addition to the product descriptions and information provided on our website, Emerald Phog offers private consultations to all of its verified patients. Our Mobile Budtenders are committed to your well-being.

Our deliver process is very simple, and with every order, Emerald Phog will email you detailed information about the delivery process and what to expect Thank you for choosing Emerald Phog.